‘slow mountain’ is about slow living [] this risograph presents the zeitgeist in which we live now: many people feel lonely and in our western society we live individualistically with a lot of pressure to succeed [] now is the time to think about how we’d like to see post-covid times unfold [] you are on your way [] the golden mountain is always there [] what does the golden mountain represent to you?
risograph, analog photograph, metallic golden soy ink on 100% recycled forever green 120 grams paper [] A2  420 mm x 594 mm [] edition of 58 [] hand numbered and signed [2021] 44
please send an e-mail to purchase this risograph with just the title of this work and we'll take it from there [] the artwork will be given out/shipped in a high-quality reusable cardboard tube [] this artwork is on display at espressobar maling [] the artwork is for sale there as well []