kim versteegh [1994] is an artist from the netherlands [] recurring themes in her work are the research of reflections and the exploration of balancing the dark and the light [] this voices itself through fine art photography, poetry and music [] in her visual work, she works with a film camera as it slows her down as well as the process [] in return this leads to a healing experience in favor of the artist and simultaneously of the work itself as it is meant to connect you with you []
picture by martin wilmsen [2021]

exhibitions / performances
[2023] september 23rd - 24th: group exhibition, open space, gallery het langhuis, zwolle, the netherlands
[2023] july 9th - august. 20th: group exhibition, on uitgesproken, academiehuis, zwolle, the netherlands
[2023] june 30th - july 9th: group exhibition, encephalartos woodii, proto art & design festival, zwolle, the netherlands
[2022] december 23rd: group exhibition, simple form 2, samoro.doc creative art cluster, nizhny tagil, russia
[2022] september 4th - october 2nd: solo exhibition, i am reflection, nizhny tagil museum of fine arts, nizhny tagil, russia
[2022] july: solo exhibition, i am reflection, space place gallery of modern art, nizhny tagil, russia
[2022] may 21st - september 4th: art flow zwolle, group exhibition, stadhuis + collectie overijssel,  the netherlands
[2022] march 2nd - march 31st: de ladder exhibition with schavuit artwork, café de hete brij, zwolle, the netherlands
[2021] march - present: solo exhibition, espressobar de maling, zwolle, the netherlands
[2020] august: solo exhibition, perrontheater, zwolle, the netherlands
[2020] june 28th - september 26th: group exhibition, 8x8, gallery blauwdruck, zwolle, the netherlands
[2020] june 28th - july 7th: group exhibition, proto art & design festival zwolle, zwolle, the netherlands
[2019] november: group exhibition with beeldkeuken, beeldkeuken, zwolle, the netherlands
[2019] october: live performance zine creating, museum night, enschede, the netherlands
[2019] july: exhibition, artez finals, zwolle, the netherlands
[2019] january: group exhibition with beeldkeuken, beeldkeuken, zwolle, the netherlands

publications / press
[2020] october: video interview kim versteegh: beeldkeuken by tes nuninga
[2020] july: korte en lange momenten in zwolle, independent zine, published by beeldkeuken
[2020] march: beeldkeuken zine 3, published by beeldkeuken
[2019] oktober: beeldkeuken zine 2, published by beeldkeuken
[2019] july: artez finals publication, published by artez university of the arts
[2019] june: beeldkeuken zine 1, published by beeldkeuken
[2015] ietsje pietsje of juist heel veel, independent poetry collection

[2019] september: workshops painting and connecting, artez university of the arts, the netherlands

work experience
[2018 - january 2021] co-founder, designer, curator: beeldkeuken, zwolle, the netherlands
[2018 - present] independent designer and artist

[2019] bachelor of graphic design, artez university of the arts, the netherlands