Vortex - Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover)

Sometimes people ask me about my whereabouts in music [] Well, as some might know, I started a band in early C-times [] Unfortunately we are no more but I’ve learned a lot during the fun jams we had [] We even wrote about six songs [] For a year or so I was lucky to sing my lungs out every weeks at @strikbeats [] I’d like to fully close this chapter of my life in order to make space for new adventures to come [] Therefor, in a spontaneous outburst I thought ‘Let’s put up a song on the socials!’ so you can hear what I sound like with a band [] Note: This is just a one-mic jam rehearsal recording [] It’s in no way perfect [] Moreover it was plenty of fun and that’s why I put it up here for you to hear [] It was recorded in 2021 [] However, the video was filmed 2020 and as you can see, we didn’t have a bassist yet [] The video I made so you can have something to look at, it was fun video-editing a bit after some time [] Sorry Noud, you missed out again (this was a lucky archive find), just like the Amnesty gig (have you seen that vid already?}

It’s all about the process, right? That is why I choose to share this video as well [] For as long as I’m on social media, I have been putting out the process in my performances [] Whether it was a lunchbreak piano play or an actual gig, I hear progression in my playing and singing through time and that makes me happy [] Can you hear it too? Atm I’m in the process of recording demos [] Building it from the ground up: Vocals, adding drums, synths, guitars etc [] Half a year ago I bought a recording device and I had fun learning how to record and experiment with producing [] It would be such a dream to play with other people live again [] I like making music much more when I create and play with other people [] If you like this video and if you’d like to support me in this aspect of my life, you can share it so I might find musicians to create with together (online or offline) [2020, 2021]

Lead guitar @braamkaneel 
Bass @drmrnoudzu 
Drums Lucas Meijer

Kim Versteegh - Surf [Live at Cultuur Café on Radio Focus 2021]

Kim Versteegh - What's Going On [Live at Amnesty: Write For Rights 2020]

Kim Versteegh - What's Going On [Live at Galerie Dennie Boxem]
What's Going On? Oof we've all seen earth, we all are earth [] Fortunately Dennie Boxem invited me into his art gallery to sing a song! He is an artist that I very much admire [] I feel we are engaged to contribute to a loving society [] He is also both a visual artist and a music artist [] Kind, down to earth and generous as he is, he supported me all the way through this process and I thought: Well, I'd like to support him in return [] So, here it is: A co-production with Boxem's art and my music [] Come see Boxem's artworks in real life in our city of Zwolle, the Netherlands! Some of the works are huge, real sick [] Time will tell when Galerie Dennie Boxem will open again, so if you'd like to keep an eye on his work, check out the following link: dennieboxem.com Much love and thanks to: Dennie Boxem - Yash Patil: Mixing & Mastering - Bram Koene - Strikbeats: Love & Support: strikbeats.com [2021]

Music on guitar and drums for spoken word artist Anne Exterkate [2019]

This is a song and a video for a brother, who's been there for me to talk to [] You know who you are! Wishing you all a lovely brother to talk to [] If you like the song, please share this to a brother of yours [] You can tag me on Instagram @vrijrein because I'd love to see some more bromances out here in the world [] This video was shot in my old student room, right before I moved out [] It was such a thing to plan because there were only a few days that I had an empty room at my disposal [] So much fun! Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1wSydm... Bro me up on Instagram: vrijrein Like the Facebook page: vrijrein8 Love and thanks to for making this video happen: Ruben Anne Inge Ravenna Diede Iris Nicky Gayle [2018]

Here's a compilation of my first gig! I have been playing guitar and singing for some years and here I am performing my songs and some covers live for the first time in my city of Zwolle, the Netherlands [] Oh how nervous I was when I saw an open call for performing artists by Muziekhandel Reichenbach [] The lovely owners welcomed me with open arms and we are friends since [] That's how it rolls I guess [] Anyway, I loved playing there very much and I even got two hours (!) to perform all of my songs [] That IS living the dream ;) [] Nice weather and a street full of smiling people included [] 
Thanks to Muziekhandel Reichenbach Zwolle for supporting me [] music: https://open.spotify.com/album/1wSydm... [2018]