kim versteegh is a graphic designer and artist from the netherlands []

creating connections between the individual and the local community [] vrijrein art + design offers a combination of dutch design and applied personal attention [] with her solution-seeking character she works from creating a core concept first which expresses itself through various media []

slow mountain
‘slow mountain’ [2021] is about slow living [] this risograph presents the zeitgeist in which we live now: many people feel lonely and in our western society we live individualistically with a lot of pressure to succeed [] now is the time to think about how we’d like to see post-covid times unfold [] you are on your way [] the golden mountain is always there [] what does the golden mountain represent to you? this artwork is on display at espressobar maling in zwolle, the netherlands [] the artwork is for sale for €22 there or via e-mail [] the artwork will be given out/shipped in a tube []
risograph, autonomous
travel + street film photography
[2015 - 2021]
film photography, autonomous
lege stoelen
this is the identity for lege stoelen [empty chairs] a monthly poetry night event [] the atmosphere of a warm welcoming cafe mixed with the concept that the stage is open for you [2020]
identity design, book design
portrait film photography
[2015 - 2021]
film photography, autonomous, commissioned
korte en lange momenten in zwolle
'korte en lange momenten in zwolle' ['short and long moments in zwolle'] [2020] is a publication with visual stories in my city zwolle [] all images are film photographs and video stills [] edition of 20 [] printed in black and white [] published by beeldkeuken [] available for €9 via e-mail []
publication, book design
in my art i use lyrics from my poems and songs []  risographs have these brilliant, vibrant colours which is  why this printing technique is very attractive to me [] 'lost you lost you fear is no friend unless you have to stumbling for rays on the ways to flower the rocking roads i got hope, i've got hope'
risograph, autonomous
atelier, collective, identity design
the empyrean
the empyrean is an album [2009] by john frusciante i hold dear [] these collages [2017] are made from my pile of analog pictures that won't be in a photo album [] the original images are 12 cm x 12 cm and there is one for each song to stare at while listening []
collage series
curriculum vitae