in my art i use lyrics from my poems and songs [] collage artworks: mainly created from my analog pictures that won't be in a photo album [] i used to do this completely analog, but i recently started using the computer for this as well which opened a whole new and fun spectrum of collage creating [] moreover, risographs have these brilliant, vibrant colours which is why this printing technique is very attractive to me []

graphic design is what i am specialized in through the university of arts [] i design concepts, identities and stories in print and digitally through various media for you []

photography gives me time by shooting pictures on film [] i love the rawness and in some camera's the double-exposure feature and even the lo-fi which create a pure image [] people fascinate me and i see beauty in different aspects of being, whereas landscapes + lights and forms are a search of balance in my pictures [] the pictures are all untouched and unedited []

exhibitions / performances
[2020] august: solo exhibition, perrontheater, zwolle
[2020] june 28th - september 26th: exhibition, 8x8, gallery blauwdruck, zwolle
[2020] july: live painting windows, gallery blauwdruck, zwolle
[2020] june 28th - july 7th: exhibition, proto zwolle, zwolle
[2019] november: exhibition, beeldkeuken, zwolle
[2019] october: live performance zine creating, museum night, enschede
[2019] august: live painting, kattegat festival, zwolle
[2019] july: exhibition, artez finals, zwolle
[2019] june: lepeltje lepeltje festival
[2019] january: exhibition, beeldkeuken, zwolle

[2020] july: korte en lange momenten in zwolle, independent zine, published by beeldkeuken
[2020] march: beeldkeuken zine 3, published by beeldkeuken
[2019] oktober: beeldkeuken zine 2, published by beeldkeuken
[2019] july: artez finals publication, published by artez university of the arts
[2019] june: beeldkeuken zine 1, published by beeldkeuken
[2015] ietsje pietsje of juist heel veel, independent poetry collection

[2019] september: workshops painting and connecting, artez university of the arts

work experience
[2018 - present] co-founder, designer, curator at beeldkeuken, zwolle
[2018 - present] independent designer and artist

[2019] bachelor of graphic design, artez university of the arts